The Yellow Supplement in the VLB

Since January 2011, the Yellow Supplement, in which the publishing firms announced price changes and removals of shop prices, has been integrated into the VLB. All price changes communicated to the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB) are adopted into the Yellow Supplement, with a corresponding handling time. Since June 2011, the VLB has been the price reference database for the German book trade and with a notification to the VLB the publishing firm fulfils the obligation to communicate the fixed shop prices and shop prices changes as well as removals.

Yellow Supplement for download

Instead of the printed Yellow Supplement in the Börsenblatt, every Thursday a free PDF version (link) is provided; it is also provided in the VLB publications catalogue for VLB subscribers.

Yellow Supplement in the VLB publications catalogue

The current PDF as well as the previously published PDFs of the Yellow Supplement are additionally available to all VLB customers for download in the VLB publications catalogue. (Section: Yellow Supplement)

Yellow Supplement for your merchandise management system

Receive the Yellow Supplement in digital format in future. You can thus save yourself the time-consuming manual entry of the price change communications into your merchandise management system. You can receive the file for EUR 9.90 per month (+ EUR 4.90 for each additional branch).

Order Yellow Supplement for the merchandise management system.

Here you receive the documentation and a test file for the electronic processing of the Yellow Supplement.

Feel free to contact our service line at any time if you have any questions.

Yellow Supplement for IBU customers

The Yellow Supplement can also be obtained regularly through the IBU.