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VLB subscription: the VLB bibliography for your bookshop

Take advantage of the comprehensive VLB bibliography

Use the VLB online at or integrated into your merchandise management and access approximately 2.5 million titles with the single or multi-subscription. With the extra option “Archived data”, research a further 3.6 million titles that have been registered as out of print since 1988. You can thus obtain a comprehensive overview of the titles in the industry.

Included in the VLB subscription:
  • Publication information in real-time on nearly all available German-language publications
  • Up-to-the-minute availability information
  • Price reliability
  • Search with freely combinable search criteria
  • Quick search with suggest function
  • Order option via the IBU, with freely selectable order destination — without additional cost
  • Export of titles into various file formats, e.g. Excel
  • Information on publishing firm addresses and publisher distribution centres
  • Price reference export for integration into the merchandise management
  • High-performance interfaces to all common merchandise management systems
  • Adoption of publication master data and publishing firm addresses into the merchandise management
  • Access to the entire title inventory of the VLB when using VLB-TIX

Additional option: access to the data inventory “Archived data”

VLB online single place from as low as EUR 38.50 (+ VAT) per month.

You will find all the information, prices and your order options here

You can also integrate the VLB into your online shop

You can now also offer your customers full access to all titles of the German-language book market online. VLB data can be integrated without any problem into the online shop solutions of many providers, who have already implemented standard solutions for integration. Even without a standard solution, it is possible to integrate the data into the online shop. In this case, the data is provided via the VLB interface or as ONIX data by means of an ftp server.

in the online shop integration:
  • Comprehensive title service on nearly all available German-language publications
  • Price reference: protection from warnings
  • Simple activation through the relevant provider
Standard solutions are available for the online shops of the following providers:
  • bpm beeline
  • KNV
  • KöBuData
  • Libri
  • Softlevel
  • Umbreit

The price is based on your contribution group in the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the Main Association of the Austrian Book Trade or the Association of Swiss Booksellers and Book Publishers. A separate price scale applies to non-members.